Victoria Sponge

A delicious vanilla sponge layered with vanilla buttercream and a luxurious strawberry preserve.

Chocolate Fudge

A rich chocolate sponge made with Belgian dark chocolate and layered with an indulgent dark chocolate fudge frosting.

Lemon Drizzle

A tasty lemon sponge made using fresh lemons and layered with a tangy lemon zest buttercream and a luxurious lemon curd. 

Red Velvet

A classic red velvet sponge made with buttermilk and layered with a decadent cream cheese buttercream.

Carrot & Hazelnut

A delicious carrot cake made with cinnamon and toasted hazelnuts, and layered with a rich zesty cream cheese buttercream, using fresh orange and lemon zest.

Vanilla & Chocolate Marble

A tasty combination of vanilla and chocolate sponge layered with vanilla buttercream.


A delicious coconut and lime sponge made with fresh limes and layered with a tangy passion fruit and mango buttercream and curd.

Sticky Toffee

A decadent sticky toffee sponge made with delicious dates and layered with a rich salted caramel buttercream and sauce.

Coffee & Pecan

A delicious coffee and pecan sponge made using toasted pecans and layered with an indulgent espresso praline buttercream.

Raspberry & White Chocolate

A tasty vanilla sponge layered with a rich white chocolate buttercream and a luxurious raspberry preserve.